Welcome to Bahrya, a specialty seafood restaurant. For over a decade we have been providing the best possible service to our clientele. Locations of our restaurants are carefully chosen for their warmth and pleasant atmosphere. To compliment the atmosphere and the excellent food, we have hand picked all staff for their friendly and helpful nature. We wish you the very best dining experiences. The always busy and comfy Bahrya offers dining with flavors not too worked, but special, nevertheless. Coupled with home delivery options and a relaxed atmosphere, we've created a place for you to come and enjoy.



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We Created best dinning experience for you & your family

The Navy Marine buffet restaurants preparing a range of exquisite seafood occations weddings and public wills in the places and weddings halls and trips and Almjmaat facilities and residential and commercial houses.

You can contact us or give us a call we will be happy to serve you.


With dozens of preparations available on our dinner and lunch menu each day – including various varieties of fresh seafood and more - every guest, even the non-seafood lover, is sure to find something to satisfy their palate. View the latest daily menu for all our locations. Our menus reflect the freshest seafood available to us each day. Our commitment to freshness continues in home delivery orders which we carefully pack and delivery in time. Guests have come to recognize our service as second to none, which we consider a great honor.

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